Sunday, September 7, 2008

Supporting our Leader

For those readers who don't know, our pastor here at New Hope has just recently been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, and after a tumor removal last week, is on bed rest for about 6 weeks. That stinks, huh!? He seems to be doing fairly well, all things considered. But, we miss him being in our gatherings, leading our community the way he does so well. So, I had this crazy idea yesterday that I assumed would be laughed at. I thought, how about those who aren't doing anything for lunch just go get fast food, and sit outside Paul and Stacy's house and eat together. Paul and Stacy would be under no obligation to help, or entertain or provide anything. We just want them to know that this community loves them, supports them, misses them and is with them - even when they can't leave the house. So, while Jon and I were doing music this morning in the gatherings, I took advantage of being up front to "announce" this idea to the people. I was a little embarrassed thinking people would think it was just a strange idea. BUT, after the two gatherings today, 40 people showed up with their Wendy's, MacDonald's, Chipotle, Subway, pizza, PB&J's and more, and we all sat outside on tablecloths just hanging out and being there - together. It was so great to see so many people ready to spontaneously support and love our leader and his amazing family. So, thanks Paul and Stacy for allowing us to intrude on your quiet time. We love you. We support you. We miss you. We're with you. We're praying for you.


nick mucci said...

that was a great idea ange...very nice!

vic said...

Sorry I missed it. You know how I love a party!

You did a great job of honoring Paul and Stacy and 'being the church' today!

Love ya!

Erica said...

Sorry I missed it! I got totally side-tracked when I stopped at home!

It was such a cool idea!


Unknown said...

Your idea was beautiful Ang!! Thanks so much for bringing it forth and sharing it with everyone.

Chel said...

It was a brilliant idea! we were a bit intimidated at first thinking that we would be intruding, and then realized that they knew about it. It was a great time of fellowship with friends! Paul and Stacey and kids, thanks for allowing us to take over your yard, Paul you look good! We miss and Love you!
The J fam

*Chewning Momma* said...

Wow Ang. Good idea, and even better that you were brave enough to say something to everyone. Im sure that meant alot to your pastor and family.

:) your awesome

Birdie said...

I am So jealous! I go on Saturdays and missed the whole thing! But I think it is a great idea. Glad you all had fun. Maybe next time!

PRS & ALS said...

Great idea that you had the courage to act on!

Love ya,

Dave and Betsy's Blog said...

Thanks for brining for this idea Ang. It was a beautiful one.